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Method Manager

Method Manager provides a graphical user interface for controlling the Oasis LM Series instrument that facilitates the liquid handling needs of a wide range of life science applications, including both routine and research activities.  Method Manager can either be used stand alone for controlling Oasis LM Series pipetting instruments or together with a third party scheduling package.  Method Manager allows the user to develop custom pipetting scripts and to quickly visualize how a process can be implemented.  Script commands are provided for a wide range of Dynamic Devices hardware options and the scripting system is designed for maximum flexibility when developing complex custom scripts.  When the script is ready, Method Manager controls the pipetting run by sending control signals to the instruments through an RS-232 data connection.  If operator interaction is necessary, Method Manager can display a dialog box on the display of the workstation which prompts for the information which is needed.  Method Manager provides an external programming interface (ActiveX or COM) which allows you to integrate Method Manager into third party products or custom applications.

Features include:


  • Configuration of custom platetypes, worktables and options
  • User defined liquid classes for an optimizing liquid handling parameters
  • Definition, validation and execution of pipetting methods and functions
  • Timers, loops , subroutines, variables and user prompts
  • External driver control (send single command, run external application, comments etc.)
  • VB scripting environment
  • User management and security


The worktable view gives visual feedback as to the location of the user defined plates and reference positions.

The aspirate dialog window allows the user to enter the pipetting parameters for an liquid transfer step.

The calibration editor provides the user the capability to create custom worktable reference postions.  This allows any reachable location to be accessed by the robot arms.

The External Drivers Window displays the loaded external driver modules.  These modules are accessible to the user through the Method Manager Toolbox (TRx and Syringe Pump) or by VB scripting.

The Validate Windows allows the user to validate the method before actually running the script.  Any errors in the script will be reported to the user in this window.

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