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Liquid Handling Accessories

Multiple accessories are available for our Liquid Handling Robot Platform either being installed in the working envelope of the system or adjacent to the system with access via a gripper tool.

Dynamic Devices Additional Options:

8 Channel Bulk Fluid Heads– Milliliter Pipetting (50 ul – 25+ ml)

With many applications requiring bulk liquids, we have developed several solutions employing peristaltic pumps, stepper driven syringe pumps and diaphragm pumps.  This technology can be integrated directly into a suspended arm for full deck access or in a stand alone integrated device located on the deck.

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MIRO Assay Incubator

The MIRO incubator is a 6 position incubator designed for use in automated systems.  The individual pneumatically controlled draws extend in order to be loaded by a gripper tool without the finger set having to actually go into the chamber.  The chambers all have the same temperature setting with a range of room temperature up to 60 degrees C.

Nectar Reagent Dispenser

Nectar is a reagent dispenser designed specifically for dispensing into a single 96 or 384 well micro plates. Nectar is for use as remotely controlled in robotic workstation environments that allow multiple independent reagents (up to 8 to be configured in one module, multiple modules can be used per system).

Microplate and Tip Stackers

To increase the walk away time of any method, additional microplate or tip stackers can be used to 'feed' the system.  Multiple stackers can be used and dedicated to load either plates or tips from the bench top to the deck of the system.

HEPA Certified Hood

Biological HEPA Instrument Hood: Biological instrument hood that provides class 100 HEPA filtered air down across workstation within a plexi glass enclosure. The plexi glass enclosure includes doors that can be opened for convenient user access to workstation. The biological hood sits directly over the entire workstation. Non-critical items such as the peristaltic pump and media bags can remain outside hood area with only sterile tubing running inside the biological chamber.

Self Feeding Reagent Troughs

Any number of these self filling reagents troughs, nicknamed 'gerbil feeders', can be placed around the deck of a liquid handler.  The bottles may even be placed outside the tip access area in order to optimize room on the deck, such as off the back or off the side of the deck itself.  The bottles can range in size from 200-1000 mL depending on the amount of reagent needed for a walk away run.

Plate Rotator

In applications where plates for tips need to be rotated to be accessed by heads or be processed in Portrait mode, this item can rotate any SBS footprint item 90 degrees.  The unit is controlled directly from the software and may be placed anywhere on the deck.

Home > Lynx with VVP > Deck External Options