Purified Protein and DNA
PhyNexus has patented chromatography tip technology for high throughput affinity chromatography for proteins and plasmid purification. PhyTip columns are the most efficient and cost effective way to purify recombinant proteins, antibodies, and plasmids.

The system can accommodate for deepwell cell line reservoirs and transfer each cell line into multiple 96 or 384 well covered plates. The system is set up for extremely high throughput and process 250 destination plates from 50 cell line reservoirs in less than two hours.

Purified DNA
Core production facility ready, using D2's multivacuum assembly line integartion, process DNA at high throughput speed.

Available immediately for the 384 channel head!  Introducing a new design that uses a specially designed tip, molded with a ridged bottom level for precise positioning and a flexible upper level for low loading force attachment.

Now you can load tips without the use or a mechanical or pneumatic 'tip crusher' found on most 384 head systems today.


Dynamic Devices
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Dynamic Devices is a premier provider of lab automation solutions to the life science industry. We are a recognized leader in motion control, liquid handling, microarray nano technology, high speed rapid prototyping and application development. With combinations of standard liquid handling platforms and custom integration services we deliver complete customer solutions.

From simple pipetting workstations to custom integrated systems, Dynamic Devices concentrate on reproducing the human sample processing assuring the same results, or better, than if done by hand.  We combine this functional chemistry with automation techniques leading to a personalized solution that is finding to be the new standard in the lab.  We are focused in automating your assays the way your lab needs them done.

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Thank you everyone who stopped by our booth at SLAS2014. Here is a quick review of what we showed: new Method Manager 4.0 Control Software that integrates our Volume Verified Pipetting (VVP) diagnostics and data handling; our 96 VVP Independent Volume Pipetting Tool with 96 different volumes and full pipetting diagnostics for each channel and our new solid mandrel tip loading technology on our 96 & 384 standard volume pipetting tools. In addition, the new LYNX Liquid Handling Robotic Platform now available with 4 size decks; 2, 3, 4 & 6 feet long with 18 - 66 microplate positions and full safety features.

Winner - SLAS New Product Award - 96 VVP Volume Verified Pipetting Tool

The next major breakthrough in automated multichannel pipetting, our 96 VVP Pipetting Tool, which won the prestigious 'SLAS 2012 New Product Award' and now with full diagnostics and data management built right into our Method Manager 4.0 software.

VOLUME REPORTING EVERY TRANSFER! Every time you execute an aspirate or dispense command, the LYNX with VVP; monitors, diagnoses, corrects and reports the true volume of liquid actually entering and leaving the clear tip.

Take the liquid handler out of the box and simply type in the desired volume to transfer and run the program, it is as simple as that!


Presenting the Award Winning V2.0 96 VVP Volume Verified Pipetting Tool

    Our 96 VVP Independent Volume Pipetting Tool offers the new standard in automated pipetting by offering independent volumes with real time pipetting validation reporting and new 'no-wear' solid mandrel tip loading.

  • 96 Individual channel programmable volumes
  • 96 Individual channel active 'volumetric' pipette monitoring
  • 96 Individual channel volume transfer reporting
  • 96 Individual channel liquid level sensing
  • 96 Individual channel residual volume calculation
  • 96 Individual channel clot or clog detection
  • 96 Individual channel well re-aspiration for clog correction
  • Factory calibrated 'out-of-box' pipetting
  • Air-based clear tip pipetting technology
  • Solid mandrel tip loading eliminating wear parts

Eliminate Wear Parts: New SM Solid Mandrel Disposable Tip Loading Technology


Dynamic Devices Solid Mandrel Tip Loading

Our new SM Solid Mandrel Tip Loading Technology combines the strength of the Lynx Liquid Handling Robotic Platform frame design with a stainless steel tip mandrel.

Elimination of disposable tip loading wear parts.

By removing all rubber/polymer O-rings from tip loading, we have eliminated the need for quarterly and yearly maintenance of the main wear item in liquid handlers. Using a new flex-tip molding process, we are able to move the wear part to the disposable itself.


On-the-fly full pipetting diagnostics AND correction of individual channels in 96 VVP Pipetting Tool.

Volumetric & Diagnostic Run Time Screens:

VVP Volume Verified Pipetting Data Screen

Turn errors into corrections:

96 Individual Closed Loop Sensor Controlled Pipetting

  1. Clot / Clog detection and automatic re-try correction
  2. Short sample detection and automatic re-try correction
  3. Air in Sample and detection and automatic re-try correction

Method Programming:

  • Set Pipet Volume
  • Load .CSV files for 96 different volumes
  • Aspirate
  • Clot Detection - ON - Set 3 Times Auto-Correct (red)
  • Short Sample - ON - Set 1 Time Auto-Correct (orange)
  • Air in Sample - ON - Set 3 Times Auto-Correct (yellow)
  • Output .CSV final volumes file

Error Detection AND Auto-Correction

  • When clot detected - stop aspirating individual channel
  • Continue Pipetting rest of channels to completion
  • Raise head to Z-travel - clear just error channels
  • Dip head again and re-try aspiration of just error channels
  • Each re-try moves tip within the well based on definition

384 Channel Pipetting Tool with tip loading and 1536 well plate positional accuracy across a deck.

Our 384 Channel Pipetting Tool V3.0 offers the largest deck size platforms with tip loading across multiple positions making it the most flexible and functional head on the market. Now have access up to 66 microplate positions to set up simplified complete liquid handling methods without the need for multiple methods requiring user intervention to move plates around small deck platforms or requiring robotic grippers to move tips into dedicated tip loading mechanisms. Row and column tip pick up, tip box hold down technology and solid steel mandrel design make our V3.0 384 Channel Pipetting Tool the new standard in high throughput pipetting.

Dynamic Devices Video Tour

The SLAS NPA (New Product Award from our first prototype in 2012) 96 VVP Volume Pipetting Tool demonstration video is showcased along with our new internal microplate gripper tool, 384 Head and track gripper tool.  In this video, independent volumes in EVERY tip is realized. Whether compound dissolution, DNA normalization or high throughput diagnostic and forensic applications, EVERY tip not only transfers independent volumes but validates the ACTUAL volume in the tip from 0.5 uL to 1000 uL.

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